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  /\/\  _ __ /\/\   __ _ _ __   /\ \ \/__\/__   \
 /    \| '__/    \ / _` | '_ \ /  \/ /_\    / /\/
/ /\/\ \ |_/ /\/\ \ (_| | | | / /\  //__   / /   
\/    \/_(_)/    \/\__,_|_| |_\_\ \/\__/   \/    

MMN started way back when in 1996 in a basement on Brunswick Avenue in Toronto, sharing a phone line and running on some version of some BBS software long forgotten in the mist of time.

I first registered mmn.toronto.on.ca as the board’s domain name in ‘97, I always wanted mrman.net but I didn’t have the money, then it was taken. My luck changed in 2014 when I scooped it up at an expired domain auction for 14 American Dollerydoos.

At some point, maybe ‘98 I lied to UBC and managed to get mmn.on.ca - at the time individuals could only register .city.province.ca domains, .province.ca and .ca were limited to companies, depending on their registration type.

When Y2K came along, CIRA was born and we moved off to paid .ca domains, I managed to find a registrar that would accept money from a student and ever since then I’ve kept mmn.on.ca registered and used in some way. Never could get mmn.ca though because a marketing company owned the version in Manitoba, which I’d need them to agree to allowing me to register it.

I never tried because I didn’t want to give them ideas, because I certainly wouldn’t have let them (and I expect they would have given me the same treatment).

The board is still running and there is more information about it on my main homepage oh.mg or if you want to FAFO, there is a web based telnet client over at mmn.name you can use to connect to the system and have a look around.