Dreams are the Most Odd of Things

Generally enjoyed a little bit of an extra sleep last night, which has been odd as I’m too tired to function but too awake to be sleeping.  The old chestnut of life as they say, and by they I mean nobody, because that is not a saying at all.

But I digress.  During my slumber, I had perhaps the most bizarre dream of all, it started by renting a hotel room in a Hilton, in some urban waste land, perhaps modern day Detroit.  Hard to tell really.

The room was rather massive as one would expect for the US, considering that in my dreams I happen to be as broke as I am in RL, I generally book on the cheap.  But not this time.  It came to light in this dreamland that the room cost 5.000$ a night and I did not have that kind of hard currency on me.

So I ran from that bill.  I just hope I don’t get trapped in Cour des Rêves next week after that debacle.  After the mid sleep pee, I returned to the madness that is my subconcious.  We were driving, somewhere, I assume in Northern Ireland perhaps.  My chauffer decided to drop me off at some nowhere ville and speed off (because he was a complete douchebag) and I happened to acquire a bar, to which I ran.

Concerningly I had installed a fully functional till and reservation system before my alarm went off, do you know what kind of awkward success that was?  Probably not.  And I’ll probably forget when I start waking up later.

There was of course the flurry of annoying life references, those people you had wished had been courteous enought to not invade your dream space (unless they’re spectacularly dying en mode film d’action/thriller).

Before I forget, at some point in this dream I ended up accidentally running a hooker empire.  Not entirely sure why, but I did and I did it so successfully I impacted house prices. 

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