When Cats Don’t Like Yo Shit

Being as nouveau riche as I am (LOLZ) I decided that spending a little extra on a tablet case was a good shout, considering the internal state of my bag.  I should have done this sooner, but when you’re presented with the three lemonadiers that you thought you lost months ago kicking around in the internal fabrics (which of course is only brought to light during a routine X-Ray of said bag #EtatdUrgence) it kind of sheds light on to this need to protect one’s screen.

But also it turns out that I should worry about Madame Hiss and her penchant to dig through things, because it turns out one thing she likes to dig other than the Ikea carpeting, is tablets.

Having avoided her doing real damage, I got « the only choice in the shop » case which set me back about 30€.  Not much, but still a bit on the expensive side of my liking.

Turns out that Kaja decided one night that this was the purrfect surface to dig.  Within 24 hours of spaffing out on it.  On the brightside I guess I can call it a hipster tablet case with « intricate scratching design ».  Good thing I caught her mid act, otherwise she would have been chewing on apps and photos within the hour.

But this is life with cat, you move on, and flog it on Leboncoin for 80€ « protecteur technologie artisanal ».

Also available on ec.je.

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