Who ate all the pies

As you can clearly tell by the time stamp this is a sunday.  We like sundays because basically you can’t do anything with them shops are closed and generally even the terrorists wait until a Monday to blow up trains (as if the train companies actually needed help!).

So to find myself working a Sunday is not normally too much of an issue. Except for today.  So far it’s been non-stop action on the phones and it’s been rather mentalistic, not only that I’ve been stealing any foodstuff I can find and eating like a tramp, because I’m starvin marvin (which isn’t a bad thing really).

But I’m here to elect my VIP* of the day:
“My Wing Mirror is dangling off”
(takes details)
All you’ll need to do is drop this off to your local Ford dealer and they’ll give us a call for authority and be able to sort that out.
“I can’t, I work nights, I want somebody to come to me”
Unfortunately I have no way of doing that, there is no provision for a mobile service, I can speak with a bodyshop and see if they will be able to do something, but again it will be within working hours as there is no evening service.
“Well I work nights”
As I’ve explained I’ll try and get something sorted out for you, it will need to wait until tomorrow when the garages reopen but it may come down to you needing to go some where during the day.
“(I stopped listening at this point)”
Thanks for calling Europcar *click*.

I really don’t have time for people like that, I can do what I can but at the end of the day you’ll need to at some point wipe your own ass because I ain’t doing it.

 == UPDATE ==

Just had a close runner up for the VIP* award:
“Broken down, not starting”
“Blah blah”
“I can’t see it.”
Is there any way to get it for me as we need the current milage I’m afraid.
“Can’t get it”
Any particular reason?
“Digital display”
That’s fine, Where abouts is the vehicle so we can get it attended?
Which will be….
“51 Road Avenue”
Which is in…

Because obviously I’m psychic I can see in your car notice that it’s a digital display and where you’re sat at the moment.  Eejiot.

*VIP = Very (Self)Important Pillock.

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