So I went out to Oshawa (map below post) with Darian, although we were about an hour late (no thanks to Miss. Transit, The TTC, Go Transit and Oshawa Transit) we just caught the end off the Durham Regional Catholic School Board’s meeting and from the reaction of the people there they (DRCSB) didn’t address the issues from the crowd, only until they were ambushed after the meeting by the press (yay media!) but even still they defended their twisted beliefs and scurried off like the over payed publicly funded rats they are. Soon after that security kicked everybody out of a tax payer funded building… how ironic, I’m quite proud of the Torry Government for not only fucking up the education system but allowing this to go on. What a useless bitch Janet Ecker is, really she has no problem ruining education, but making it fair for everybody is not ok at all.

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