Inside Grindr's plan to squeeze its users

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Another year, another censorship attempt | FlokiNET – the Privacy Blog

Internet and e-mail policy and practice

Revealed: US conservative thinktank’s links to extremist fraternal order

Walmart Bought a Finance App and Reduced Fraud Protections. Guess What Happened Next?



Setup DKIM (DomainKeys) with Postfix on Ubuntu & Debian

Disinfo and Elections in the Global Majority

Status Report: Warning Signs for Trump

Farmers’ protests in Europe and the deadend of neoliberalism

Facebook Executive In 2016: “Maybe Someone Dies In A Terrorist Attack Coordinated On Our Tools”

@justin the way I worked it out was that when I had all the connectors in the right place, the output was like this below. So it's the only …

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Dans les Alpes, la police abuse de son pouvoir pour expulser les exilés

TJM freelance : comment le calculer ?

Grève à Ubisoft : les délégués du STJV répondent à nos questions

The bond company that used to own me made a lot of its gigantic piles of currency by datamining its customers. That’s recording everything …

GitHub - artlung/InstalooterToWordPress: Rough code for converting dumped Instagram data to a WordPress import file

Le report de la présidentielle au Sénégal, un "énorme gâchis d’argent" pour les entrepreneurs

How do I handle SSL properly when WP is behind a reverse proxy?

Kaleidoscope - Macintosh Repository

Le blog de Téotime Pacreau

@Parag @odd @stupendousman Agreed with the framing that US involvement is not based on goodwill but rather 70+ years of building the …

Don’t trust Gmail’s Show Original

Oh Shit, Git!?!

Succès du assemblement intersyndical en solidarité avec les travailleuses et travailleurs et les syndicats d'Argentine ce mercredi soir à …

Infinite Mac

It doesn't matter what ideology they claim to follow. Politicians never do what is right, they just do what serves them right. It is what …

So why is everyone hating on the Pokémon clone game? I sure hope it's for better reasons than it being a Pokémon clone game

The Alcatel VT258 Viewdata terminal - Part 1 Does it actually work?

It's all happening....

Ma prochaine BD avance bien.


GitHub - molly/w3igg-crossposter: Automate crossposting posts to social media

Attack of the Repo Men

Climate strike week 282. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike

SimCity 2000 - CD-ROM : Maxis Software Inc. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Definition of DRABBEST

I came out to my parents as a Trans woman and they told me I was the real bigot because one time several years ago in a Facebook comment, on …

Attal en liberté surveillée: Matignon confirme la nomination d’Emmanuel Moulin comme dircab du Premier Ministre. Matignon bénit sa "parfaite …

How to Prepay the ADHD Tax

This is, perhaps, the funniest email I have ever received. Streams must be way down... #scams #ScamEmail

Topicbox: where teams share

@thomasfuchs Let’s use VC compression on that post: 2013: VC, working as designed 2016: VC, working as designed 2021: VC, working as …

the fun part about printer development is that you end up with a physical record of your progress I've wanted a thermal printer for years, …

Best Chicken and Waffles Recipe with Jalapeno Honey Butter Sauce - Gimme From Scratch

How Japanese Website Design Differs From The West | Info Cubic Japan Blog

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GitHub - fishy/pandablog: Beautifully simple single author blog in Go - derived from Bear Blog.

Stéphane Bern ralentit la recherche contre le cancer en critiquant la démolition du pavillon des sources alors que le bâtiment est si pollué …

several people have sent me this. my legal team are on the case, boots.

she steamboat on my willie till i public my domain

I wish I had a magic door and go back to Istambul right now for a couple of hours to have some cat petting therapy 😭

Périmètres de sécurité et circulation pendant les Jeux : comment ça marche ?

There's this guy, Dave who absolutely hates going to the doctor. Luckily for him, his brother Henry is a veterinarian. So anytime Dave is …


New Year's Resolutions - Xe Iaso

Download the Newly Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents Here

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GitHub - Firesphere/psychic-octo-pancake: My jobhunt version

22.00.0023 Johnny.Decimal'ing Johnny.Decimal║J•D

Kagi Small Web

none unbecoming | zines

ias3 Internet archive S3-like API — Internet Archive Developer Portal

How bad are search results? Let's compare Google, Bing, Marginalia, Kagi, Mwmbl, and ChatGPT

EFF spent this year fighting an EU proposal that would require online services to scan people’s private messages. So far, we’ve succeeded. …

@alex oh no, i'm late for my shift.. at the cunty chemicals factory

draft beer sign, seaside heights, new jersey, 1978

🌿 garlic 🧄 garden 🌿

Oliver Jackson-Cohen - Wikipedia

🤗⌨️ Preparations for the exhibition are underway... one of the stories we want to tell is the emergence of home computers and how they were …

CPC Scene Radio

this was one of the earliest versions of my #brobot, T1-G3R (v2) where its rudimentary personality #programming was stored on an SD card. …

Happy leet o’clock!

Sans surprise, le gouvernement n’a pas renouvelé l’agrément d’Anticor à la date butoir. « La ministre (Colonna) a pris le dossier en 3 …

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Arpanet Information Brochure : Defense Communications Agency : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine

Hyperland BBS Douglas Adams And Tom Baker ( 1990) : Douglas Adams : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

SMTP Smuggling

🚄🌆 The title screen in Transport Tycoon Deluxe (MicroProse, 1994) is the epitome of "infinite possibilities." Simulating the complexity of …


So this episode is all about a husband feeling insecure about his wife's success, so he created an entire facade of achievement, going so …

wait the icelandic word for computer (tölva) means prophetess of numbers ?

Added the option to hide special pages like Replies, Archive, and others from the navigation menu of your blog.

When your lawyer tells you that you need to have a disclaimer on your instructional VHS tape but you really, really, REALLY don't want to.

Nice to see the #Guardian sharing a post on good old #blogging. …

Looking forward to a little light reading over the next couple of weeks! My brother gifted me these excellent books by @MossRC and @jmechner …

🧑‍⚕️🏥 Can you recognize this game from 1997? 💉🛏️ #computermuseum #computerhistory #slovenia #ljubljana #softwareheritage #digitalheritage …

Augments were supposed to help humans do things they couldn’t otherwise do, like interface with the feed more completely or store memory …