Domain Sins of My Youth

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The Return of Traxtor -

a mastodon client for palmOS

Accueil - Mêlée Numérique

‘Disgusting’ and ‘entitled’: MPs slam Gurner’s call for job losses

Canada labels the Proud Boys, neo-Nazi groups as terrorists | CBC News


Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – The world's fastest growing religion

Queer Your Bookshelf – HUDSON LIN

Surveillance video shows police seizing items from Kansas newspaper office

37. Broken Filling

Up-to-date Chrome OS running on a Mac Pro from 2008 is pretty wild to see

21. Pets

Sword fern submerged in sorrel and strawberry 🌱

Spicy Norwegian pepperkaker.

CHILLE! (englang: Chill!) COVID-mask and do, (courtesy of yours truly). @miraz added a Custom 404 Page feature. I had sent Manton a note asking for this feature just a week ago. Love it! 💛

This sums up my sentiments when I see crazy people screaming at service workers because they’re being asked to wear a mask, etc.

Kimchi Miso Hotpot

Gotta catch ‘em all

I just love this photo of Jeri Ryan, in London for the Picard premiere. A reminder: we do have a tagmoji category for Star Trek on …

Now that I have a permanent setup for retro computing, I think I will cycle through my wedges so that I can get quality time with each. I’ve …
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