• @af such an ethical and low cost solution to a problem that they created by poor policy, underfunding, and that effectively just lives in their own tiny brains rent free

  • @repeattofade that's the spirit, reality sucks anyways

  • @repeattofade that's the best stage before reality creeps in

  • @maikel "we're all just temporarily inconvienced millionaires and the depravation of basic needs is totes cool because one day with hard work we too can exploit the working class or die trying"

  • @archer talk to it in Norwegian

  • @MayhamMonday I used to work in a Lowblaws, trust me you should heed their warnings. Both my managers at the time were psychopaths, the store manager was even worse. Everything about that job was utterly shit

  • @lash this is the great part of politics (and policing) - those who should be in it are put off by the power and authority it wields (imposter syndrome) and those who should 't be in it are drawn to having power and authority over others and will exploit it

  • @eniko allegedly there is some concern over the CEO's love of AI art and by proxy ripping things off like Totally Not Totoro

  • @maikel anything for that sweet sweet engagement

  • @billgoats when I first used mail.app for my work email, I managed to spam every email I received, because the spam and archive icons were next to eachother and look very similar at first glance

  • @maikel today has that vibe

  • @maique yeah, I can't afford a ticket on my budget but even if I could all the buses are cancelled or heavily reduced, so I the métro is going to be a shitshow https://a.ohno.es/olo/2024/01/Screenshot2024-01-18-08-41-41-52cbf47468f7ecfbd8ebcc46bf9cc626da.jpg

  • @af only direction it seems to be going

  • @fenndev spotify does only pay 0,003$/per stream so it does check out

  • @theavidhorizon @jnv a lot of YouTubers are having to chase the algorthim to make money to keep the cycle going, there are a very very very few golden ones like hbomberguy and contrapoints who are able to spend more time working on their videos and delivering one great hit a year that is ultra high quality.

    Some of the ones I've seen they started out in love, had a good time as a job, then it turned into a nightmare to keep floating. That I understand, when you get no joy you move on, especially if you don't have any security. Others have managed to get enough subscribers who are able to contribute financially to be able to pivot out of quantity in to quality. I imagine though it might get worse now that Google is trying to squeeze every penny out of their products to make line go up

  • @maikel it wasn't him, like literally a no name couple I found through a YT recommendation talking about their life 😄

  • @maikel from what I understand, the testosterone does play havok and minimises with that potential outcome, but it can happen. I watched a video a couple years back of a couple where they did have an oopsie baby, in their case it was very much a "nature finds a way" moment

  • @Gammitin I think you'll find that I'd go full Kirby on that plate without shame and in a public space

  • @jotaemei I think I've kind of answered the question in this post, it does go a bit rambly at one point www.oh.mg/2024/01/h...

  • @chunked Brain : "I need sleep" also brain : "Let's stay up all night with the existential dread about that one time in 2005 when you said something weird at a party"

  • @age we burn dinosaur juice all the time, having a slash on history isn't even on the radar 🤣

  • @ned looks amazing, great work 🫶

  • @maikel that'll be the nuclear grade capitalism stealing your energy then, prisoners have more freedom and get better food

  • @maikel capitalism ? In serious though it might be psychological, one thing I noticed is when I've got nothing in the bank account things cease to have a point and the energy is gone because why bother. Excluded from most of the world will do that to you whether you realise it or not

  • @maikel its christmas, it is socially acceptable to be in bed all day eating and sleeping

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