Just took a mock driving test with my instructor guy and I managed to do fairly well, just caught me on about 5 things, which included jumpy gear changes, using 4th to go about 20mph and going 15-20mph in on my way out on to a dual carriage way (which I dispute to a point as I hadn’t actually passed the “national limit” signs, so if I had sped up I could have been caught out on going 50-70 in a 30 zone.)

Also, it seems he’s not going to be around on the 19th so he’s going to try and get another car in for my test (see photo) which I’d prefer as the Clio is starting to fuck me off. I have to sort of slide in and out of it, my legs are awakward to maneuver at times and of course a good bit of my forehead is between the glass in sun roof and the chasis of the car which means in the event of an emergency and I roll the fucker or even have to go from 70mph down to 0mph in a short period of time I’m pretty much dead, dying or vegtable.

Meh, but yeah, this trauma that is learning to drive is almost over, next comes the groveling to the bank for a car loan, getting a car and selling my soul to pay for the insurance…..

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