Today I had somebody from this office in the Sheffield office, he needed to send an important email this is all good except we’ve changed over to siemens since and he wasn’t here for that. So I set him up to use a dial-ip account and go on the new webmail thingy for the time being.

However, MicroSlag(TM) and their complete wisdom don’t allow non-administrator users to firewall their connection which is fucking stupid if you ask me, however I figured his machine has already been patched de-virii’d , etc from when we had it move it’s way into our network somehow so I just went for it as it was required to be done.

I think I was wrong only a few seconds after connecting his machine rebooted, I’m serriously hoping this was either a windoze update or his anti-virus software acting up after being bombarded with blaster and friends.

Anyways, I not only have made a cd of fixes, patches and other joys “OMFG EMARGENZY!!!111 TEH VIRUZ IS ATTAKINK” objects but I have managed to find a firewalled dial-up service to connect him through.

Now his machine hasn’t actually rebooted over and over so one would assume it was something out of the ordinary and that my fears of virii are not to be worried about.

He sent his email and all is good….. for now.

btw, from the 0ld n00z f1l3: Big Fat Minging fatty fatto arrested for Blaster(B) variant Story Here

If you’re wondering why I’m being so very cruel to this beached whale it’s because he’s a little fucking script kiddie who gets his rocks off on distributing/creating viruses that make my life a fucking pain in the ass. Yeah, you’d be nasty too!

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