fig 1a. Community "Safety" Vehicle

The police seem to have it in for everybody today, this morning as I was driving in to town I saw them stopping motorists outside of the police station (how lazy) for god knows what, it really couldn’t have been speeding as the average speed was roughly 15mph so it was probably tax discs, etc.

Then at lunch I find one of them scouring the car park for those evil criminals who fail to pay 45p for an overpriced parking spot, upon finding one he stands there waiting for the individual to return. However, I suspect he got bored and left as the car was still there and he wasn’t when I left.

As I was leaving the town centre I saw the Community Murder Vehicle (upon seeing it most motorists hit the breaks, thus causing an accident that kills many in a glorious petrol fueled fire) most likely collecting video of number plates for some poor n00b police person to scour for evil non-paying tax fiends!

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