This is what I received last night from Charlie. Now normally I would have had him put down by way of the nearest bus, but it wasn’t quite his fault.

We have another dog Basil who we have had for the past week (it was a temporary thing to start off with), at first they didn’t seem to have much problem and got on well. However, it seems Basil has unintentionally (as one would hope) crashed down on the both of them. Harry now seems to mope about and be generally quite depressed and Charlie happens to be losing clumps of fur.

Last night I went to feed them, but tried to feed Harry and Charlie together and keep Basil away (as he may just be eating all their food). Charie was being a bit of a stubborn shit, so I had to grab his collar and lead him out the door towards the food (Charlie is a rescue dog and has a long story which I can’t be arsed to write out now). Charlie took this the wrong way and thought I was taking him away, to which he made his protest known by biting me.

In the end I got him out side, he had a bit of food and went back in. And I had him up on the bed as well, so he realised that he was being a bit of a cunt.

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