I think I’ve personalised MadSquirrels.com to fully reflect me. Let us take the as an example.

Two of the three items there I can update by text (or MMS) when ever I wish, which is great as if I want to say or show something I don’t need to wait until I get near a machine to do it.

The third one (the mood indicator) is also great for those times I can’t be arsed to say a word but wish to “tell” others.

Another brilliant thing is the phlogger which I can seamlessly integrate into the site (and now with LJ to) which again means I can update my site without actually doing so.

Some people may think I’m utterly mad for wanting to make my life quite public in this manner, but I think of it more of an expression of myself. Things I’d say there I probably wouldn’t say to most peoples faces (as I can be quite shy at times [for a loud mouthed cunt]) or that I just can’t express into verbal communication.

When I post things here, on MadSquirrels.com or just about any medium I can really, I speak as if I’m speaking to a large group of people (most fo which are only wearing their pants) and people can choose if they wish to listen to my tripe and if they wish can hurl insults, love and general madness back to me.

However, I should probably write up my “ME WANT PUBLIK TO SEE ME” post another time when I can actually stay on topic (unlike my sleep deprived essay here).

Btw, see what I’ve had for lunch.

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