Well in an update to my really old news, before leaving I’ve checked the Orange mobile phone bills and one handset in particular. There is about 100 texts to the same number and three photo messages to the same one, all usually within a few seconds of each other.

My suspicion is that this is, in fact, this “Lee” bloke and now they’re exchanging photos. That makes me feel much better now.

This is Jon, I've been speaking to him since I was 16, we met in 2003.

Now Jon has made the following offer, I can stay with him in Bristol FOC until I find a job, then of course pay for the room. Now Bristol has many more opportunities for me education wise and work wise, but I’ve been hesitant to take this up because of one person, who now seems to be getting a bit more serious by text/MMS with his sms-whore.

Decisions, decisions.

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