There is some fun on the estate today, I’m parked up back under the tree as I’m waiting for a certain person to put his quad back in to the garage.

Anyways, our errogant arsehole of a neighbour has managed to top his general cuntness (see photo).

So far the last few motorists have been seen saying things like “fucking wanker” and “idiot”, which is most amusing.

However, arse face has parked his car somewhere else and it isn’t on his drive, so he’s probably just blocked me in (as I can’t reverse out of the spot I’m in without taking off some paint and maybe the driver’s side of the vehicle. Cunt rags really needs to start double parking on his drive, our neighbours (at number 3) have THREE cars, all of which fit on their drive because the make use of this “garage” thing for their third car.

Oh well. I’m sure somebody is going to kick off some wing mirrors and if he’s blocked me in, chances are it’s going to be me.

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