Our cunty and morbidly obese neighbours have returned home after a week of holidays or as I suspect, they finally finished their tea at MacDonalds. However, after peace for the entire week with everything being fantastic and no harsh things muttered as one drives out or in to the estate, they just come back and ruin it for everyone.

I have a feeling the tree-bush-plants that David put on the side of the house helped, then again the fat bitch was driving so it could just be the short walk from the side of our house to their front door was too much for the both of them to cope with.

God I hate these people, why can’t they just burn their side of the attached house down and get the fuck out or at least start acting in the interests of others rather than themselves and her ego with that quite old and far from posh porche she so loves to display on their drive.

As you can tell these people really wind me up. They’ve had subtile hints by pretty much everybody now and still it hasn’t penetrated the fat between their eyes and their brain.

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