Hooray for pay day!  It's saved me from the embarrasment of running out of petrol and looking like a twunt whilst waiting for the AA to drag me to a forecourt.

In slightly good news, I received £88 for working 8.75 hours overtime.  Swish.

I've also paid bills and have about £70 left for the rest of the month, unless of course I don't get charged for my insurance as it's the 12th month or something.

I've ordered my Canadian Dollars, £100 worth, making me $220 to which I need to obtain from my friendly bank tomorrow after 1pm, which I'll need to do then as I'm up in Coventry on Friday.

I've also got to drive David to Gatwick on the bank holiday Monday, which should be exciting, failing that I'll be in queues all day (huzzah!).  I'm also yet to get my passport back, it's been two weeks and I'm getting angsty, so I must ring them tomorrow.

I'm also demoing posting this story from MadSquirrels.com to LiveJournal with image et al on the LJ MadSquirrel, I'm sure it'll work.

Now I must go and feign work.

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