What a Jackson day it is!  I've been on to O2, who gracefully dodged my question of "IS INTERNATIONAL ROAMING ON PLZ", it's been set-up, just now, supposedly.  I shall be well and truely vexed if it hasn't.

Yes, I'd like to purchase a SIM card please, no phone, just the sim, pay and go.  Yes, my address, England.

In other news I feel like a curry tonight, but can't be bothered to get one.  I might get one tomorrow.  I'm also still awaiting the tax disc for David's car when I take it to Gatwick.  Oh how I'd laugh if it was clamped, ok, maybe not (tax was paid online, so it's still displaying the old, now expired disc as the other one arrives in the post).

Also, this morning I woke to find a bird had somehow got in the locked house.  Seriously, not a window open, the fire things door was shut and the air con (now unused) vent was still blocked from the outside.

It's a mystery!


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