It's almost the weekend, how exciting.  I've got a busy Tuesday ahead of me.  I wake up, go to work, exit work at half 12 and then make myself ready to trek to Frome for quarter to 4.

So far of week 2 being on my Jack Jones here at work has gone fairly well.  Had a small backlog which was sorted out early this week so everything is back to normal (wooski).

Grimnir is going well,  I've installed ModernBill on it which seems to be working out, I'm yet to figure out this ftp_conntrack business to get passive ftp to work (so I can start reselling) and a few other things that are driving me nutty (like TEH H4X0R5 trying to SSH and break in all the tupping time).

Other than that nothing really is new and interesting, oh except it looks like I'll be heading off to Guilfest on Saturday.


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