shelf.jpg So far this is the success of my morning, I've pretty much cleaned this shaz hole because the higher ups are moaning about it, which I find rather interesting since they use it as a dumping ground.  Big \/\/ to that logic.

I've also ran out of jam-free-8-to-a-page labels, so I'm forced to actually write all my addresses by hand.  I am so very thankful it's been slow enough not to be a rather nasty RSI inducing job.  I've also, at some point, got to do todays batch of work.  But I think I'm going to spend today on my organise mission and just do it at the end (and hopefully) in time for the various pickups.

Tomorrow will defo be one of those more busier of busy days and all.  Since I've got literally only the morning to do all my work, since my afternoon cover usually sits down here planning holidays and emailling her manfriend rather than actually doing any of the work (since she's so above it now).  So I shall be expecting some rather un-happy messages the following day.  As last time she covered, she did nothing all day.  Not a phone call took, not an order in the system, not even an order sent.  I was bad, since somebody required urgent information by email and she didn't pick up the phone, so he left more and more wound messages on the answerphone.  If she does it again this time, I'm just going to drop her in it, I haven't the time for that kind of game.

I've also got to head off to Frome tomorrow afternoon for my hush hush interview (I've failed to tell anybody here why I'm off in the afternoon), which should be rather exciting.  I have also learned from past mistakes and I will be using David's TomTom to ensure my prompt arrival.

And to finish off, I hate NatWest, I deposited a postal order which should have been processed over the weekend.  But it's obviously too much effort, so I'm not exactly sure when (if ever) it will be done.


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