Oh my god. I almost died in a firey blaze of glory leaving Swindon.

Went on to the M4 and as I was going down the slip road I clocked a lorry following a caravan quite closely in the left hand lane (being the lane I needed to merge in to. Obviously the lorry driver is completely oblivious to my existance so I take the foot off the accelerator and hope he recognises the internationally known indicator (remember there is construction at J15 so the hard shoulder is out of bounds and gleefully kept obstructed. So as I’m nearing the bottom of the slip road it’s become crystal clear this guy doesn’t know I exist and since nobody is behind me I brake. Then he finally notices me and moves in to the middle lane. Yeah, cheers, that helped. Not.

So now I’m stuck on the slip road, can’t use the hard shoulder to speed up and sitting there or reversing is completely out of the question. So I have to wait until a sizeable break in traffic and waz the bastard down the left hand lane (as this lorry had about 6 followers who of course were right up his ass) and hope I hit 60 in mere seconds. It worked.

I’m not a statistic of road deaths. Ace.

Then of course in Chippenham some kid wearing nothing but black nearly stumbled in to the road and right under my tyre. Avoided that potential road death too.

Is the universe testing my driving skillz? WTF? BBQ? ?

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