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Makes me laugh (and slightly aroused) back in the day when I went to school one of my mates had a locker full of lady photos, one looked similar to this. It’s strange really, you don’t realise that you miss out on things like 80s horror films (I only watched for the blood) and tacky outdoor advertisements for knickers and bras until you see something that reminds you (in a paradoxical way) of what the image represents. Maybe one day they’ll have a slasher film with loosely dressed men running around and having loads of premarital sex before doing drugs and drinking with really big biceps, then I might just get what Jason Vorhees was all about.

Untill then, I’ll just watch to see how he ingeniously kills the large breasted woman who, oddly enough, has plenty of drugs, premarital sex, drink and seems to be in a white t-shirt that nearly always is soaking wet.

Also, for extra humour I was trying to find the scene in Jason X where he’s slaming those hologram girls around after the classic line “Hey, lets do drugs and have premarital sex” but I can’t so wait for this crap to lad load* and go to 03:08 in the video and imaging it yourself:

* I may have had boyz on the brain - oh Jim Clerkin of Kiss 108 FM in Boston, how I love thee.

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