I hate Tescos, Sainsburys and most shopping places. They anger me from start to finish. Today was no exeption to my ANGER. As I swung in to Sainsburys car park, some elderly tosser approached the juntion as I was mid flow and he was far enough to see that I was half way in to his ‘lane’ (I use the term loosely) as they built the kerbs in a stupid bollocks way all you can do is overshoot it a bit.

Anyways, as he parked up in front of me and stared as they do I just sat there waiting for him to move as I’m now stuck. He sat there still. Until I got annoyed enough to do a 2 point turn and drive over the kerb before calling him a bell end as I parked in my space. He probably didn’t hear me because he’s an ignorant old tosser.

Anyways, after that joy I packed up by handbasket with heavy crap and pushed my way through the crowds of zombies with their screaming children who they aren’t beating enough at home. I then got stuck be hind this silly bitch who desperately needed to buy a clue as she blocked me from getting to the till while she faffed about trying to figure out the complexity of a queue.

Then she finally decides to use the till I was at. There was a full free belt-thingy to put her small basked of stuff on to. Unlike most people who would use as little room as possible to allow others to put down the basket that’s tearing the limbs off others down, she instead managed to spread her shit from one end of the belt to the other and didn’t quite realise your lettuce doesn’t have the concept of ‘personal space’. God I hate that bitch.

Anyways, for the photo, I feel this is indeed the best way to get over such shit:

perry twins - whoretastic
BOGOF deal of the century!

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