Jesus today was hard work.

First we had the breakdown that went horribly wrong, I listened in on that one going south.  We managed to save it , and by we I mean the garage (30-45 minutes).

Then one of the trainees got a rubbish breakdown which I sat in on and listened to, driver expected a mobile tyre fitter to a services (uh-uh) and when he didn’t get that he went spare (as they do) eventually we got it all sorted (30-45 minutes).

Then there was the manager who went ape shit at me at 19.50 in the evening.  We can’t keep an eye on anything that nobody informs us about it took him a while to realise that, but I’m hoping to fix it (I doubt it though) tomorrow.

Then there was the theift of one vehicle and the keys of a second one.  As I left it the breakdown agent was going to lift and store the vehicle for us (with the stolen keys) for the weekend.  I’m in a good  frame of mind with that, then again, I don’t have to be arranging the police and a team of locksmiths to sort me out this evening.

I feel brain dead now :(

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