Do you realise how much I would like a beer, not just any beer but a nice one. But I can’t because I’m pre-payday po' and it’s no fun.

Oh well, such is the life as they say. Well, it’s been a while since I wrote to any form of blog medium, with of course the exception of the wine fuelled emo action on my LJ. But I’ve hid that entry (I’ve still not read it, but I’m sure it’s not very pleasant) so it might resurface at some point.

I might as well go in to a few things in this entry, because I used to blog to put things out in the open in a text form which I’d probably not put out there in the spoken word, because it’s easy to distance yourself from these matters. Now I find myself in a vapid expanse of My FaceSpace and Twitter not writing much of anything, which is a piss poor act on my part, seeing as this Web 2.0 Shitefest is starting to wear a bit thin.

I think some of you may recall I twittered "Seriously, was I Hitler in a past life, because there has to be a reason why the universe is being a right cunt to me ALL THE FUCKING TIME." unfortunately I think I’m starting to get in to a bit of a depression cycle, honestly I probably should have seen it coming as there is a family trait for addictions and depression and guess what, I don’t have an addictive personality, so I think I’ve been given t’other genetic choice.

Right now everything isn’t working out, I’m rather seriously in debt, my mobile phone is being restricted every other month because I can’t pay the bill, my car’s gearbox is about to explode all over a carriage way and I can’t afford to do anything about it and I’m getting rather threatening calls from Debt Collection Companies, although I have employed a debt management company to deal with everything financial now as I just can’t do it myself, yet the bastard DCs keep calling (and there are a few good ones who are now aboard the Debt Management Plan), so I feel as if I can’t even pick up my own phone. My love life is in shambles and officially a relationship has moved in to an "estranged" status, which although expected and trust I got over that shit years ago (as if I didn’t already have enough on my plate) is still, indescribable.

But I live each hollow day as the days that have passed it. Hey ho.

Now on that bright note, I think i’ll need to bid you farewell for now and I’ll come back and write something slightly more upbeat. Possibly with photos.

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