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Well, it appears my failing gearbox has rather inconveinently failed.  I have been riding without the help of 5th and Reverse gears for a small amount of time, prior to losing second.  That was fine, there was still 1st, 3rd and 4th (and I could push it in to a three point turn).  But alas, the day before yesterday old faithful 3rd gear passed on.

So now my plans of dropping my car in a garage for an inspection/booking of work has now turned in to recovering my car in to them.  They open in a few minutes so I'm going to get this party started.  Oh did I mention I fucking hate Green Flag.  Bit of a shame I'm covered with them it seems!

So now, for a time I shall be without wheels unless they have a courtesy car and no need for cash up front (Monday is Payday).

Happy days.  Oh and this is my first Saturday off in a long time, yet I've been up since 7am.  What a bitch.

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