Here at the Супермодель plc offices we have now determined that after the #worldcup revealed that not only do the Octopus have a strange manner to them and psychic ability, that actually they’re gambling on the World Cup to bring their many arms, to er, arms.

Yes that is right, the Octopii are going to kill us all.  Therefore logic dictates that if the human race is going down the pan to our new watery spineless overlords we might as well just accept it and do the British thing and take it, like a long queue at the post office.

Of course it would help if you sold out your fellow humans to appease the overlords, so report them!  In fact here is a easy friendly way of summoning the Octopolice to an unwanted neighbours house from the comfort of your own home.

Супермодель plc in conjunction with Кевин proudly present a series of pro-octopus messages through out the week where we will name and shame your anti-octo colleagues, friends and family.  Just submit your affidavid information here:-

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