Clark has been down this weekend, so the usual tourist thing had to be done.

We started off at the M Shed's Steam Train, which was quite interesting and most cheap (3£ return)!

Through the route I took a few photos (under the cut), we also had to stop for the footballs fans being walked to Ashton Court Stadium to a match. At one stage I turned around to see a man having a wee through the fence opposite the train, with full view on his ghost white peen. I was not pleased about that.

It turns out police horses don't like trains, let alone of the steam variety which is why we had to wait a good few minutes for it all to pass.

After the trip on the train we headed in to have a nose around the M Shed, there was a bus. To quote a phrase "I totally lost my shit".

When we made it to CREATE Centre we probably should have popped off the train and rejoined it later, but it didn't happen mainly because couldn't really think what was there to see...

We then headed to the ss Great Britain to cross via the No 7 boat that goes between the two sides of the river, best 70p spent on that!

We headed off to The Grain Barge for lunch, Clark went for the Steak Sandwich and I for the beef pie and Stilton. It was a superb lunch, just as potentially we were finishing and about to head off; I could see the weather going a bit south so I recommended another pint. It was a good choice as it hacked it down for a good 10 minutes.

As Clark hadn't been to it before, we headed to Cabot Circus where we queued for free Crusha and got accosted by a man dressed as a cat. It seems to phase neither of us.

After that it's back home for pizza and no doubt some kind of nocturnal activity.

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