This is an apt image of my last two days as all has not been well.  Last night on my way home my wheel buckled out and wrote itself off in quite an annoying and spectacular way...

Obviously this is a complete tragedy as I now have no way to get around and it’s a nightmare.  But this morning I went through the Bristol Pound directory looking for Bike Shops and Services and found Really Useful Bikes

I sent Rob an email with my photo and my life drama and he very quickly came back to me with my options, I spent most of the day being really utterly busy but he gave a go at trying to source a new wheel/rim and came back with a problem (thanks to Trek) and an alternative solution.

So I’ve now just got to grab a handful of cash and arrange to sort everything out (I have a draft email that has sat in my outlook all day!) and we’re back on the good and ready again!

This is exactly the reason I like the Bristol Pound, it connects you with local businesses who are much better than their larger counter parts and they offer a better service that is worth going the extra mile for.  Without it I would never have found Really Useful Bikes as it’s out of my “home area” and I’d have probably ended up paying the 80£ asking price from one of the shops in my area.

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