So it was planned that we go to Weston-super-Mare for a culture day last week at the pub.  It seemed too good of an idea to pass up and one couldn't argue with the cost of the train ticket (which was coincidentally less than that time I went to Bath in the cold).
We headed out of Temple Meads at 1100 and it was no time until we were there, we headed up to the Grand Pier but stopped off at the Victorian Cafe (not even remotely Victorian to be fair) for chips on the Parade.  Once we hit the Grand Pier it was all in the arcade like it was going out of style.
I hit up the 2p machines with 20p which I lost, won and lost all over again.  This is clearly what gambling is all about, but on a really small scale!  Chris was going ticket mad on the spinner, in the end he got himself nearly three hundred tickets from this and Tom's games.
Joss pointed out where the shop was to exchange the tickets, with the heads up that it was full of holiday tat. Obviously if it's full of tat I had to set Chris the challenge of getting the tackiest thing imaginable, and to my surprise he managed to pull it off spectacularly.  I was almost for a moment, proud.
After critiquing everything in the shop, we all headed around out and found Tom on the 2p machines again, this time with a look of crazy in his eye and a mission, to achieve the JLS for Chris.  Just under two quid later and a large passing of time he had managed to do it, to achieve the impossible.  Obtain a decent prize from one of those pokey machines!
We all headed in to the Crystal Maze, which is basically just a really good way to faceplant a glass panel.  It transpired Tom was rather good at this with me taking second place at walking full pelt in to the clearest glass wall I have ever seen and Chris left with third prize.
It was then off in to the Ghost Train which was amazingly naff, but certainly worth the two quid it cost to get on board.
From there we left the Grand Pier on the road train and how magical it was, we finalised the afternoon with the meal with her maj at a Wetherspoons and returned to the glistening big city shortly after.

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