I made a post to LiveJournal some time ago and it vanished (although it claimed it posted it successfully), so we shall see how this goes…

If you're not yet aware I am taking care of a ferret this week, his name is Jasper. He has moments, one minute he is fine and the next he's a total asshole of epic asshole proportions.

So far today he's tried to climb up my back, bit my arm, scratched the other arm and made a number of attempts on my feet. I almost forgot to mention that he bit my ass too.

Other than that I went over to Kevin's yesterday for a lovely Christmas meal and television watching, spent a good full day again drinking like it went out of style.

Tomorrow Damien and Tommy will be back to take Sheitan off my hands, I can then rest knowing my feet are safe.

Although I don't mind him when he's not being a penis, one could even say he's alright.

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