It's been a long few weeks off work and I finally need to get back in to a routine.

Coincidentally I also needed to replace two rather abused tyres on my bike and some proper dodge* brake pads too. Being the man of mystery I am, I took a handful of cash

and was all like «SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY» down at Really Useful Bikes.

I can't recommend Rob at Really Useful Bikes enough, he's excellent on price, service, makes a mean cup of tea and replaced my properly mashed pedals too allowing me to off set the cost until the end of the month. Which was absolutely fantastic and comes back to the excellent personal service he gives.

So now my tyres are back in order, brakes are finally able to stop me and my bike has some proper metal pedals and not the plastic busted ones I had before. It's almost like new!

Other happenings this week include me winning invites to the Grand Opening of Hotcha in Weston-Super-Mare on Sunday.

I've got my train tickets booked at newly hiked fares and all good to go, once I finish with the free food and drink I can also have a wander around Weston again and see what is what.

Other than that, I'm still heavily disappointed with Tesco. I wanted fish and chips this evening, did they have any of either? Did they fuck

In this country, not having chips stocked should be punishable by death, good old hang and quarter. Send their parts to the four corners of the kingdom as an example to all I say!

And finally, since you're all clearly bored of my inane rantings by now. I got a box of Turtles after Christmas, for once something delivered by Royal Mail and not stolen.

* when I say proper dodge, I mean utterly spanked out.

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