Arc bar has been closed down more than once for noise problems, so I have very little sympathy for them when I can hear bass booming in my basement.

We ain't even close. So complaint to the council when I can bother writing a «noise diary». I might even start it now. 23h52 - music appears to be shit.

But enough about my first world problems, I've got an interview for a weekend job tomorrow. I hate interviews they get me all flapping my arms nervous.

The only way I can get to it is by bike, so I'm also quite concerned about the weather tomorrow. I won't be able to get changed or store a bag, so I have to ride in my formal stuff and hope for the best.

Knowing my luck it start pissing it down and I'll show up mud deep in to failure. I totally need this to pull off too, the extra income is very much needed now that I'm about 200£ in the hole every month. Thanks Dave (you dish faced prick).

I've also had a further movement on to the plan for this year, I've booked off time in May to take about two weeks off to get things sorted out, have a look at my options and see how I get on. Flights aren't too bad (86€ return) but I need to find a fairly cheap hotel.

I should be able to book it all in March come bonus time.

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