If it's not already been clear by my postings, my landlords are shit with any kind of time frames.

For example, February 2012 I reported a leak to them, today the council are threatening action unless they make some kind of effort.

But that's of course when they ain't waiting for money, my rent payment leaves my account on the 28th. This is mainly because that's when I get paid and I ain't paying them earlier because, I ain't got no cash (and I fucking hate them).

My current account will send standing orders by BACS, that's just the way it is and quite frankly I couldn't give a fathom of two shits about it since I'm not responsible for the way out corrupted banking system works.

So imagine my surprise, when after a year of telling these goons the same bloody thing in February, April, May, August and December that they'd remember that three working days is slightly longer than normal.

Hi Kevin. Just to let you know the rent hasn't arrived yet. Would be grateful if you could chase up and arrange for them to pay today. Thank you. Joe

I almost replied with "Hi Joe, I couldn't give a shit, you know with shit dripping down my kitchen ceiling for the last year and all." or even "Hi Joe, thanks for the prompt reminder at 0815 on a Friday morning you're a complete bell end, as if the list of shit wrong with this place in itself wasn't a constant reminder. I think you'll find that February is short, the banks are slow and you're broke for another 2 working days jack ass.

The mice say hi too."

Instead I was all diplomatic hoping that this douchebag would make some kind of bullshit argument that I could tear his face off with.

Fortunately for him after ignoring my

Hi Joe, the funds leave on a standing order through my current account on the 28th. S/O payments are sent by the bank via BACS which takes up to 3 working days to clear. Normally you wouldn't notice as there is two/three days before the first but with Feb being short it's a bit different. So the third working day from the payment date will be the 4th (Monday) but it has definitely left my account on the 28th.

he listened to my voicemail and came back with Hi Kevin, just picked up your voice mail - thanks for getting back to me. Joe

Not a problem Joe, now fix my fucking flat.

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