I have booked off my grand time in Paris over the last few days and I'm looking forward to my 18 days away.

I've booked with a lovely place on airbnb and even with the service charge of 72€ I've not done too badly.

I could have got a hostel for 500€ but quite frankly, I'm happy to splash the extra hundred euro on having my own room.

Flights were not too bad either, set me back 130€ with a bag on SleezyJet but that is from Bristol Airport and a direct flight. I could have taken a Megabus, but I couldn't deal with thirteen hours on a bus.

I genuinely have no idea what I'm going to do for all that time yet, so far I will wander to La Tour Eiffel, buy a laptop from FNAC as they have some offers and I need a new one and may be, just may be, have a sneaky peek at the building Radio FG is based at.

I also need to find a Eurovision Party in Paris, so far the Internet suggests gay bars. Thanks for the obvious interwebs!

To say I am excited is an understatement.

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