Today we are talking to a crane and a bridge. This may seem slightly mental to you, but now that Hello Lamp Post has super charged the pulse of the urban environment with the ability to speak; it doesn’t seem so mad now.

I took the opportunity to interview a crane and a bridge.

Hello crane #32

Hello, human. All over Bristol objects like me are waking up and asking people about the city. I have a few questions for you. If you were as tall as me, what would you do?

I would sway in the wind like a sleeping Godzilla.

Thanks, short stuff. Someone else told me: ‘Lord over everything’ Another question for you. I can’t see you. Where are you standing?

I am peering over the bridge at your marvel.

Ah, now I see you. Give me a wave. Someone else told me: ‘I’m in the car on my way home now’ Here’s another question. Can you see the Balmoral? She’s a beautiful ship.

I can’t dear crane, for I am blind.

Interesting. I’ll let you go but check other objects for existing codes – almost anything can talk! Want to know why objects like me are waking up? …

That crazy crane was talking mental sticks, but that filthy bridge, well that’s another tale. Dirty bridge said…

I see. Someone else told me: ‘That depends on where you’re swimming.’ I have another question. How about a nice game of Poohsticks?

Yes, it wanted to play with Poo(h). Filthy! CALL THE DAILY MAIL!


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