I got a message today from one of my friends cleaning out my flat that my landlord has cleared out my flat without even a call, text or email of warning.

To say that I am pissed off is an understatement.  I have now done what any reasonable person would do, go ape shit with a demand on where they have my deposit and full on reading them out for their absolute scumlord activities.

I won’t give you the whole email, but the highlights include:-

As I am sure you can understand I am extremely upset by this, considering the treatment I have had to endure from your lack of management and repair to the property, your illegal attempted eviction December 2009 from Flat 3 and the on going un-managed rodent issue due to the placement of the refuse for the entire building.

and the kicker:-

I have made every effort to make arrangements with you for my departure and you have not even had the decency to respond to my calls or texts.

It’s not that I didn’t figure that they would be the biggest douchebags ever, it’s just I didn’t thik they’d be this big.  I guess I was proven wrong, now it’s another set of calls and possibly even having to take them to small claims court from France when I have other shit to be getting on with.

I am not pleased about this at all.


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