Been awake (yay insomnia!) remembering my last 7-8 months at that international assurance company (who shan't be named), and how much I hated walking in to those buildings every day.

With redundancies and a new job that was destined for another round of them. The stress and the impending feeling of doom each day.

But then I remember, it got me off my ass to do something. All the negatives from that place spurred on one big positive move and experience.

Now here I am, writing this a year away from when it all started, in an amazing city. Somewhere I'm happy to be and a job with a lot more opportunities; than hoping upon the gods that they'd choose you to pay off with a redundancy payment.

It also got me to take a part-time (which turned in to a second full-time) job for a large supermarket chain, where I worked with some amazing people. We had laughs, random events and a series of unforgettable times.

All of which renewed my aspirations, goals and well-being. It also showed that I'm not made for the hum-drum life of being boxed in to an open plan office, filling in spreadsheets to justify my own existence.

I dearly miss those people and not just the ones I worked with daily, but all the stores I worked in the area over my time with them.

But with that loss came the greatest gain of them all; and nothing can take that from me or them knowing the important roles they played in it.

So if you're reading this down in the dumps, not too sure what's happening with you. Just remember, sometimes we all need that situation to make us remember what we want and to make us change what is around us.

Same can be said for getting in to two car accidents and becoming an invalid for three months. (Sometimes that life changing moment is a vauxhall vectra van).

As the old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, smash a glass in its face and squeeze the fuckers in to the wounds. Or something to that effect.

So this post is to all those people I know, keep up the crazy and don't let life screw with you too much!

These photos are obviously not the be all and end all, but this is just a tip of the iceberg, that I could find on my phone at this short notice…

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