As most of you may have noticed, I've been in a massive depression over the last few days.

I'm not going to lie, this has been some pretty rock bottom stuff.

I have a friend, whom I trusted and respected, we got a flat together and we've got a joint loan together. I've put myself on the line for this guy, our garant is the guy who employs us both.

We've been at logger heads for a bit, we both have the same stressful job, the move, my personal bullshit issues and a whole lot more. But regardless, there was no excuse for what happened. And now I have some serious decisions to make about my life and a massive set of consequences to follow from it.

Tuesday night we went out and it was all going well, for the most part he was degrading me in humour, until we began to argue.

He full on degraded me in front of an audience and I had enough of it. And I blew up, massively.

I took a cab home and locked the door, jammed it with a screw driver and closed all the shutters. I also accept what I did here was completely over the top, but I threw away his documents and bedding and threw a couple t-shirts out the window.

When I say I lost it, I mean I really lost it.

He came back to the house after I told him to find somewhere else for the night, he kicked through the door, grabbed me by the neck and threw me down on the bed.

As he was shouting at me with his hand hold me to the bed by my neck, he punched me in the back of the head quite severely, he also got me on the side of my head as well, I don't remember it but I lost my hearing out my right ear for a day.

I've also got a bruise on the side of my face which would confirm this suspicion. After I had run out of the house in my socks and what I was wearing and managed to stop a cab. He texted me this:-

I was so shocked by the event, that when I was reporting it to the police they thought I was just some drunk asshole. I was terrified and them not listening didn't help the situation at all.

I completely lost what was left of my emotional control, walked back in and said if they didn't take me in I'd kill myself that evening. Which is precisely what would have happened if I hadn't spent the night in the cells.

They took me in, I was strip searched and put in the holding cell. During this time the woman at the counter was making fun of me and going on how I was some drunk loser.

I was curled up in the corner of this room, crying uncontrollably. This went on for about an hour before another police officer arrived and said "has anybody seen him, I think he's a victim".

To their credit I was taken to the urgences at Hôtel de Ville by three police officers, checked over and sent back. At this point the attitude of the police changed drastically.

I was put in a cell until 11am when I was released after going through a breathalyser test. I received my 'charge' notice which is pending due to circumstances. I now have a letter coming to me before I know if I have to pay a fine.

When I was there I discovered his handprint on my neck:-

For two days I hadn't received anything from him, not even an apology. He texted me on Friday to meet up and talk. I replied to him today and I truly discovered what kind of asshole he actually is. But I'll let you make your decisions on this.

Bearing in mind I've been living in my friends studio appartement and sleeping at the end of her bed, keeping her up all night as I sob.

I genuinely can not believe what kind of person would be that unbothered by his own actions.

I've now go to face turning him in to the police (I can only do this in the district I live in), withdrawing my name from the lease/contract and trying to back out of the 7.000€ loan I'm in.

All while my bank account is 1.500€ overdrawn from where I bought all the household goods and food with no help from him. He's effectively ruined me.

The worst part is I need to explain this mess to the guy who put himself up for the garant and of course, the same guy who employs me.

So now I have literally nothing, no house, probably no job and no trust for anybody again.

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