Having been without a solid form of connection to the internet for the past while, I’ve realised the need to get one.  Seeing as I am currently lacking a CB means my iPhone is subject to constant disconnection for lack of payment.  Obviously this is a problem, but I figured that instructing a prélèvement to occur would some how make it be. 

Clearly that is never the case and I will continue to receive arsy text messages about non-payment before my payment date for the forseeable future. 

However, I digress.  Having previously battled SFR I decided it was best to select my own service provider, forgetting completely that France Télécom is always looming in a deep dark corner to ruin your day.  And with efficiency they did just that. 

The first appointment was only available about two weeks after I signed up, I started to receive random calls from nmbers you just can’t call back at awkward times demanding the name of the last person who held a line in the flat.  As I completely skipped names on the convienent drop down list of people I will never know personally to ask, I assumed it would be obvious that this information, much like the Glorious Leader Kim Jung-Il is dead and gone.  But of course the calls still came and I could never talk to them.

When the day arrived, I was jubilant in the knowledge I could soon be streaming hardcore pornography from Tumblr in no time.  That excitement soon died, when it transpired there is a locked room where FT keep the entire building’s wiring and nobody had a key.  These things happen of course, but having to pay 5€ for a phone call to rearrange, well that’s just mean.

My next appointment was equally as distant as the first and convienently placed between the hours of 8am and 10am.  Fairly bog standard for your office worker, but for I, a night bar worker, it might as well be in the middle of the night.

But I wait and see, perhaps the gates of Tumblr Titallation aren’t that far off.

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