Being at some what of a loose end before starting work and waking up at 8h in the morning, following an epic post-work stress come down and the newly opened up Navigo zones I arranged with Lauren to go find Goussainville vieux village.

After searching some of the sites available most like this one contain amazing photos but lacking in actual directions, I decided to go there and figure it out. As the train rolled in and still not knowing where we were to be headed off to, I saw a beacon of hope - Délices d'asie - an all you can eat buffet with a decent midi price of 11€50.

A helpful and delicious excursion to Google more and four plates later and I found it, we needed to find rue Brulée and a quick walk down D47 got us there in no time.

Although most of the village is abandoned not all of it is, which kind of gives it a weird feel a dead zone with life. And there is the constant reminder of why people left, the constant noise of planes flying low and overhead. Which can get a touch iritating after a while.

It's a great place for a few good photos and to wander around in a demi-post apocalyptic senario. And here are the photos hosted at LiveJournal.

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