Yesterday I ate like a fat bitch because sometimes you just need to have a Menu A followed by a katsu curry.

It’s the first bit of socialising I’ve been able to do in the recent month or so with the insanity that is my current employment.  But more on that another time.

Basically myself, Lauren and Hilary went for some eats at Aki Paris near Opéra, we settled on this as I was too brain dead to make any other decision than No Burgers, because I will murder.  It ticked the box and it wasn’t bad at all; with the exception of the waitress being a complete bitch and suggesting Hilary sit on her own in a corner.

That’s kind of where the feeling of being a touch hungry still, turned in to spite eating. Suggest my friend sits on her own?  Refuse the option of moving to a table?  Well I’ll show you, I WILL ORDER MORE MWAHAHAHA.

At least u barely pulled it off before feeling horribly fat.  Because that was quite a fair bit of the eats.

Lauren had to head out home, so after me and Hilary got our drink on at Café Indiana.  Heads hurt the next day and I took but one photo (alas).


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