Obviously start a post with a misleading headline to get some click baiting going on.  I know how to internet.

If you know me, you certainly know that I’d never crossfit.  In fact, I’d be down for eating twelve bags of Doritos before even leaving the house.  #ThatsHowIRoll

As usual I’ve not blogged about jack shit for a while, I’m terribly busy doing life so Internet Me is limited his time to just Tumblr’ing porn in the spare moments of alone time I have, because of course I can’t even life right now.  And that’s sad.

That being said I did have some holiday time I took in November, which was promised in September, so I got to enjoy the vile weather that was Novemember.  I also (thankfully) was in bed for that night so I didn’t fair too badly in the grand scheme of things.

Hilariously, a week before I went off I had my bag stolen while at work, I joked with the police officer when making the (all too regular) plainte contre X, that they took literally nothing of real value.  With the exception of course my Passport and say my appartment keys.  Otherwise it wouldn’t have been such an arse ache.

But I disgress in my post, the point is no more than a week later, I managed to lose a ring off my keys, which held the front door keyfob.  So I was kind of locked in my appartment for about two weeks.  The bright side of this is that I’d totally suck at Prison (#NoCrimes4Me) and that there are literally a finite amount of films you can watch on CanalPlay (seriously 7000, is that all Mother Father’s?).

I did also have the time to correct my god awful sleeping patterns but only to be ruined less than 24 hours back to work, it was nice being up at 8h and not sliding through on a nuit blanche.

More recently I did manage to fry another computer, you can read more about that here.

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