As is the custom on New Years Eve one must drink to excess and wake up the following morning questioning your questionable state of drunkeness the night before.  2016 is of course no exception.

Mes Bitches came over from London and of course first port of call for NYE celebrations is Bespoke (if you haven’t been here, you haven’t lived).  We spend the evening taking copious amounts of delightful cocktails, beers and Selfies to make the eyes water.  I’d like to write more about this but girl was not entirely in a remembering state of mind.

I do vaguely recall that I went to a house party at 6h and after that falling asleep on the métro and waking up at « Not My Station » in « Where the fuck am I? ».  I managed to also wander around for a considerable amount of time and found a friend to discuss « this thing I just stole while intoxicated – what is it? ».

This might be a short histoire but here be the photos.



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