I will make an actual effort to try and find new things to do in Paris this next month.  Mainly because I have become too much of a indoor cat lady recently

But she is a nice enough cat right?

Considering there is a world available to me outside my home and I’m far too lazy after working to go and see it, is kind of a waste.

So during March I will be making an effort to go and see things outside of my four walls and furry monster.  First it starts with the french bureaucratic system to get my carte de séjour sorted out, make an effort to buy some new clothes and go away from the three day rotation I am currently on.  Get a new bed sorted out so I can expand my space in my small apartment.

And of course blog the crap out of this for clicks, because I am that shallow (and like fucks, clicks are something I do not have much of right now).  But in a less shallow hipster way, actually use this blog for what I have always done, just one big book of things to read later on to see what I was doing when I was doing it.

Good times.

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