On my way back to the TGV station in Nice, I made a last minute splurge on my birthday, a Nintendo 3DS.  Spent my 6 hour train trip back to Paris fiddling away on shady 4G coverage and downloading updates.

When I got back home, I headed over to the Nintendo eShop to download Zelda Ocarina du Temps.  Having played Zelda on Nintendo Wii, I missed the mix of puzzle, exploration and sword poking little monsters.

Look at me, I’m miserable because I have no face. -Bongo Bongo the Bitch

Getting to grips with the 3D side of it and Navi being a little bitch about taking pauses to combat fatigue and permanent eye damage, I managed to get myself to « Le Temple de l’Ombre« .  I’m not going to lie, this happy clappy prick Bongo-Bongo is starting to get on my nerves, have to shoot his hands, poke his eye and all while it’s bonging the drums and squishing stupid Link.

My plan is to some how avoid killing this one for a while, because it’s annoying me.  I found out how to access La Forteresse Gérudo, which will provide a good respite from having to deal with my new arch enemy on the RER C.

Over all (other than Bongo-Bongo) the game is pretty high on my will recommend scale and for 19,99€ is pretty much a steal !

Also available on ec.je.

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