We don’t get a lot of actual American television here in the France, other than the repeats of Smallville and big HBO series like Trône de fer (Game of Thrones).  We can miss some good television like RuPaul’s Drag Race which is popular just about everywhere.

Thanks to Netflix the RuPaul experience can now be seen in France, and gurl, the translations are fierce as hell.  Perhaps not as savage, as say the portuguese translations, but it’ll do by french standards.

« bye, go home, no one loves you »

Shamefully there is only two seasons (6 & 7) available on the ‘flix, although season six was pretty bad ass at times, like when Jocelyn Fox and Laganja Estranga battled it out to Stupid Girls and both hit the floor in the splits without looking at each other.

I gleefully await the next seasons, because just coming to the end of season seven, for now RuPaul’s Drag Race is going to « sashay away » from my life #sadface

Also available on ec.je.

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