Having started the day with SNCF (Sorry, Not Coming Fuckers) slamming the train doors in the middle of a group still getting on a train, and then needing to wait 15 minutes for the next.  One could imagine that the trip back would be less, irritating.

Oh how wrong I was, my magical bus for the uncountable time, was arriving in 2 minutes.  I check my phone, recheck the arrival time, and we're at 13 minutes.

I spent the time trying to check down the road if I had missed my bus, but I did not, and raining like feck it still was.  Thanks RATP, vous êtes sympa.

But looking all that to one side, I present this cartoon.

            <img style="max-width: 100%" src="https://cdn.uploads.micro.blog/8961/2023/6b2a4f0bc1.jpg" alt="" />

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