While I realise it has been a while since I last posted on my forever blog, I as usual am quite busy these days.

But having bought a laptop for work, I can’t really use it for personal reasons, therefore while I was shopping in the high end tech market that is E.Leclerc, I found a rather cheap notebook that I can keep with myself. Further to this, having smashed my previous phone and replaced it. I now have a wifi hotspot I can use without having to faff about with contracts and crap like that.

I guess this is a win, or not, depending on how you look at these things.

Kaja is doing well, as per usual, she’s just coming off heat, so is in a miserable mood. She’s started hissing at me for no reason, which is rich for a creature that was screaming down the house so all the boys come to her yard at all hours.

I currently have this massive cold of doom that is really breaking my balls in half, since it completely blocks off my ability to breathe during the night, one can imagine that my sleeping habits are somewhat feck up as a result.  So I have basically gone from screaming cat to not sleeping anyways.  Classic.

I have also finally improved my phone system, somewhat, still doing some playing around to finalise the best fit for me, but at least I have done away with some IVRs that didn’t need to be on some numbers, fixed up the queuing sequence and a few other things.

I’ve also now been able to pull some reports from the phone system and also work out the billing codes too.  Which is good.

What else can I really update everybody with, not that much really, I spend most of my time on trains for the moment.  I may also be going to Italy for the first time in a couple months, figured I would head down to the south and since I’ll be down there Italy is kind of not that far from Nice, non ?  I think it is a good idea and obviously I will have to get my Italian going.

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