One thing I like is a good short domain, that is clear considering you're probably reading this on

I even have a web hosting service on, but with my business email sneaking on to, I decided I needed to have a seperate domain for my personal account.  Something a bit more secure and not as heavily monitored as my mailbox (because all my business emails go through it).

So I went on a search, and after a couple days of combinations, I found  It came to me thinking wildly out of the box, since I've had the domain, website and bbs, there have been so many versions since 1996.

To the point I can honestly say, I can not remember what version of MMN I'm sat on today.  I try to avoid making too many changes, but it is a part of time and one has no choice.

On this line of thought, I came out with Version X, not to be confused with an iProduct intrepretation of X being 10.  The X in this case happens to be X replacing a long forgotten number.

So far I have a blogger site on there where I post endless cat photos, I'm probably going to do something more interesting with it soon though.

But for now, is my personal space which I should fill with my ongoing projects and perhaps even one of those marketing guru style about me pages.

However, I would need to discuss this with my new coder whom I recently hired

She's not very good at it though.

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