So I made a strange post a couple days ago, if you haven’t guessed it was a test :D

I have come back to my hobby BBS, getting it all back and running online. It’s now available at

With this I have moved my emails and such back here, I’ve also created a way I can update this journal via the system. It’s rather nice being able to do things text only again. With too many clients and crappy social networks, it was a bit of a moment to disengage them.

Now the interface is very much working on any platform, it’s all ANSI, text works everywhere with out much problem.

I’m quite proud of the technicalities behind getting this system back online, I don’t have an appropriate PC at home that I can use. So until I manage to buy one, make sure it all runs smoothly and actually have a place I can put it in my appartment, the BBS is using the Google Cloud.

Google in their wisdom decided that they don’t want email going out port 25, so I’ve also learned how to create an internal network on their platform and set up a basic Postfix server to throw the emails off their network and on to a SMTP relay service.

I’m not kidding when I say that I was up until 5h in the morning trying to work all this out without going fully nuts.

But it works now and I’ve now got half the skills to set up my own mail server to start dishing out emails (currently stuck with OpenDKIM not signing).

I emailed pretty much everybody with my email address, although my original domain is now in the hands of all my business side of things (web hosting, domains, etc) I have my email address there forwarding to my BBS email address.

Just don’t be surprised if you see a reply from an email address.

It’s also worth noting that since no agreement between me and could have ever been a thing, it’s not possible to register at all. So when happened to be in my portfolio of over registering, it seemed like a good compromise.

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